How to care for and store Zori (Japanese sandals) and bags

How to care for and store Zori (Japanese sandals) and bags

Hello, this is Shinji from This time, I will talk about how to store Zori and bags.
Generally, it is common to all footwear, but please do not put it in a box immediately after going out. Zori has low humidity. If the back of the Zori is wet, it may cause mold or the bottom to come off. Let’s keep it dry enough.

How to care

Zori with tatami mats on the surface

For Zori and Geta (= Japanese clogs) whose surface is made of tatami mats, wipe the surface of the tatami mats and dry them.

Zori with a leather surface

Zori sandals with a leather surface should be wiped well with a soft, dry cloth.

Zori and bags made of enamel leather on the surface

Wipe well with a soft, slightly moistened cloth. It is recommended that you occasionally clean your shoes with cream.
Leather products such as enamel can be cleaned with benzine, but never use thinner, solvent-containing shoes or leather cream. It may scratch the surface of the enamel.

Zori and bags made of Saga Nishiki

For fabric products such as Saga Nishiki (= Japanese textiles using gold and silver threads), use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt.

Zori and bags made of synthetic leather

You can wipe off the dirt with a cloth soaked in a little detergent.

How to dry

Dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.

〇 Dry in the shade with your toes facing up.
× Do not dry with the bottom down.
× Do not dry with the bottom up.

How to store Zori

Store in a well-ventilated and dry place. If you have a shoe box with a lot of humidity, you can add a desiccant. Please be careful as the Hanao part may become brittle if you add an insect repellent.
When storing in a shoe box, place two sticks (= disposable chopsticks are used in Japan) in parallel with a gap between them, and place Zori on them to dry in the shade. This will allow the air to touch the bottom and allow it to dry.

How to store the bag

As with Zori, store it in a dry place. If you put a padding in the bag to prevent it from losing its shape, it will not lose its shape. Note: Do not pack printed matter such as newspapers as the prints may transfer.


Does Zori have left and right?

Zori is made in the same shape on the left and right. There is no left or right, but if you wear only the same foot each time, the way the left and right bottoms are scraped will be biased depending on the person’s walking habits. If you are conscious of “replace the left and right after wearing it 3 times”, you can prevent the shape from getting out of shape and reduce the bottom evenly, and you can make Zori last longer.

Zori sticks out of the heel, is it small in size?

Originally, Zori and Geta are fashionable to stick out from the heel by about 1 cm to 2 cm. On the other hand, if the heel is inside the table, it means that it does not fit your foot.

Can I wear Zori immediately after buying it?

Before you go out, try it on at home and let it fit your feet. When you put on new footwear, if you are not familiar with Hanao, you will have a “foot hurts”. Let’s wear it after familiarizing it well.

How long can you wear it?

It depends on how you wear it, but if you wear it every day, your heels will wear out in about 3 months. Do not wear the rubber on the heel until it is worn out, and replace it early to make the Zori body last longer without damaging it.

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