How to fold a kimono

How to fold a kimono

Hello, I’m Shinji aka Warashibe Choyja (Straw Millionaire).This is an article about kimono for the first time in a long time. This time I would like to talk about how to fold a kimono. This article uses text, but I am also making a video, so I will announce it in this article as soon as it is completed.

1. How to fold a kimono (hondatami)

①Spread the kimono so that the collar is on the left, and fold it along the right side stitch(wakinui).

②Fold the okumi in the foreground from the seam to the front, and fold the collar and shoulders inward.

③Hold the collar and hem on the other side and overlap them exactly, and also overlap the collar, erisaki, and erishita.

④Hold the wakinui on the other side and fold it in half along the senui to match the side stitch on the front side. Stack the body and sleeves.

⑤Put the upper sleeve on the body, fold the length in half and put it on the folded sleeve.

⑥Hold the overlapping part of the right sleeve ridge, hem, and collar and turn it over.

⑦Put the sleeves on the body.


2. How to fold the undershirt (Jyuban)

①Spread the jyuban so that the collar is on the left.

②Fold it so that the wakinui on the right overlaps the center of the jyuban.

③Fold the front sleeve so that the cuffs face you.

④Fold the left side stitch so that it overlaps the center of the jyuban, and tie the left side stitches together. Fold the sleeves in the same way as ②, hold the hem and fold it in half.


3. How to fold a kimono (sodedatami=Since it can be folded while standing, how to fold it when there is no place or time.)

①Hold both shoulders and sleeves together and fold them so that the back stitch folds inward.

②With the left and right sleeves overlapped, put them on the body with sleeves and fold the length in half.


There are other ways to fold a kimono, but the basic method is the above. Haori and coat are the same as jyuban. This is also making a video. However, I can’t speak English, so please be patient. I will post a video in this article as soon as it is completed. I would like to continue writing articles that you can enjoy.