Reuse kimono for kimono beginners

Reuse kimono for kimono beginners

Hello, this is Shinji from This time, I would like to talk about reused kimono for beginners in kimono. On some sites, kimonos from 1945 to 1955 are called antique kimonos, and kimonos on the market after 1955 are classified as recycled kimonos. Around this time, it was customary in Japan to have a kimono as a wedding tool. Kimonos made around that time are now on the market as reused kimonos.

About reused kimono

In recent years, the number of reused kimono shops has increased in Japan as well. However, kimonos from the Edo period to the early Showa period were generally reused kimonos, and it seems that they rarely tailored kimonos. Since 1955, when Western clothing came in from overseas, the number of used clothing stores for such kimonos has decreased, and now it is changing to the form handled by antique dealers.
Compared to modern people, old Japanese people are shorter in height and hand length, so small kimonos stand out. It is possible to change the dimensions by changing the tailoring, which is an advantage of kimono, but many kimonos of this era have a short width and cannot be long enough.

Antique kimono and recycled kimono

Popular items such as floral patterns and geometric patterns called Taisho Roman and Showa Modern are increasing in the retro boom. Although antique kimonos are reused kimonos, those in good condition can be traded for hundreds of thousands to millions of yen. On the other hand, items in poor condition and recycled kimono are sold at a fairly low price of several thousand yen.

Benefits of reused kimono

I think that the merit of reused kimono lies in “cheapness” above all. Although the antique kimono mentioned earlier is expensive, it is much cheaper than making a new kimono from scratch. It costs hundreds of thousands to millions of yen for a new kimono to make a set of Naga-jyuban, Kimono, Obi, and Haori, but for reused kimonos, it costs thousands to tens of thousands of yen. Another merit is that “fabrics and techniques that cannot be made in modern times” are used. This requires a long period of experience in kimono, but there are many interesting materials.

Disadvantages of reused kimono

As a demerit, I think the biggest problem is “dimensions”. Many people make up for it by wearing a kimono. For example, some people wear a short kimono over the skirt so that the skirt can be seen from the hem. Kimono lovers who value tradition and culture dislike this. However, from the perspective of protecting the culture of kimono, I enjoy kimono, so I personally think it’s good. However, we recommend that you do not participate in prestigious parties in that kimono. Such a way of wearing can be seen as everyday wear, no matter how prestigious the kimono is. We hope that you will learn the correct way to wear traditional Japanese ceremonies.

Some people may not be able to imagine it, so I hope the video will explain how to wear a kimono to match your blouse or skirt. It’s a casual way to enjoy fashion. I’m not sure about kimono, but it is recommended for those who want to enjoy kimono even from the shape.

To enjoy kimono

I myself worked at a kimono shop, a reuse kimono shop, and a kimono maker, so I have no prejudice, but kimono shops that handle new kimonos look down on reused items, and reused kimono shops say that new kimonos are expensive. A new kimono has the goodness of a new kimono, and a reused kimono has the goodness of a reused kimono. There must be a way to enjoy kimono that suits the person’s life. From the perspective of preserving traditional culture, craftsmen cannot be protected unless new kimonos are sold. When you enjoy the reused kimono and feel the joy of kimono, please try to make your favorite new kimono to your own size.

This time, I briefly talked about reused kimono. It’s very easy to get started as an entrance to a kimono, so please enjoy it. is also planning to develop a cross-border EC shop, but first of all, we will sell reused kimono, bonsai, pottery, etc. in Japan, so I hope you can see it for fun. online shop: